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...unless you find iscsi initiator problems thrilling ;)

Highlights of my thrilling day...

Overslept as per usual

Fire drill at work, no deaths reported

Hot Dog at Juicy Dog

I don't hate win7 as much as I hate vista

Star Wars t-shirt at Target for 7 dollars

1 pack of Trident Layers gum, shockingly interesting.

Conan rules late night, and the chin needs to go. a boat load of linuxy nerdy voodoo thrown in for good measure.

I still need to figure out what I can blog about...well beyond my completely insane hobbies. Who likes watches? ;)
subrosa: The fedora should make a come back.  (Default)

3 of the most epic minutes of music you will ever hear!

Mobilis in Mobili
subrosa: The fedora should make a come back.  (Default)
...but who am I?

Name/Known Aliases: Paul, CK3K, Subrosa (a few others, but I am not under oath)
Age: 24
Job: UNIX/Linux System Administrator
Current industry: Plant biotechnology
Past industries: Web marketing, Consumer electronics
Education: College dropout, "drafted" by the Silicon Valley
Websites: (home), (external)
Hobbies: Gizmos, watches, antique restoration, pocket knives, mixology, video games, Nuclear Age memorabilia, LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek and mischief/ shenanigans.
Life goals: Astronaut, clone dinosaurs, and of course to have fun.

Here I am on the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Mobilis in Mobili


subrosa: The fedora should make a come back.  (Default)

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